Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1 - The patch are protected and you will need a activation code for you can apply the patch

2 - If you format your PC, the activation code received will work fine.

3 - The hardware ID change if you replace hard disk or motherboard, in this case you need report me it, before to change this parts

for I can provide a new activation code for free.

4 - The activation codes can't be transferred to anoher machine

5 - if you want buy a product, but you know to will change your machine in little time, you need let me know it

in this case I can provide a temporal code, and when expire I can provide a new code for activate it in a new machine

6 - In some cases the patch is detected as virus, but all our patch are clean, this is called false positive, because our patch are protected

and antivirus can't analize it then put it as virus

7 - The payment are by paypal and crypto currencies

8 - If you have any problem with any of our patch you need report it, and you need send images and videos about the problem

also you need provide a sample file where you get the error, if the client not provide it, then we can't solve the problem and no claims will be accepted

9 - if you request a especial work, you need pay $180 for start this work, if we found the solution this amout will reduced of the total cost, but if we not

found a solution then the payment received is the cost of the time used for try get the solution, we not will provide a refund..

10 - If you buy a product form our website, you need wait some minutes or hours, depending on the time you made the purchase, we will try reply very fast.

11 - If any update of windows modify your hardware ID, we will provide a new activation code, in this case you need send me Old harware ID and new hardware ID.

12 - We not provide Trial license for new customers

13 - We reserve the right to update the terms and conditions at any time.

14 - The customer must know how to use the product they purchase, we do not provide help in the use of the product, we only provide help in the activation process.

15 - If you purchased any of our products, you are accepting the terms and conditions.